A Little About Me

My name is Jon Wilmot. I am a third year education student at the University of Regina, where I am excited to begin teaching as a middle years teacher. I have grown up in Regina Saskactchewan my whole life and I plan on continuing to live here, once I find a permanent teaching job in Regina.

Immediately after I graduated from high school I began working as a teller for the Royal bank of Canada this July will be my fourth year anniversary. On the side I own a sign business where I specialize in portable signs and mini billboards but there are many other options. In my spare time I enjoy to hangout with my friends, family and my girlfriend. I also enjoy the outdoors, and travelling. Unfortnautely during school I have not had the opportunity to travel that much. I have found the time to sneak away to Jamaica, Cuba, Mexico, B.C. and Colorado and have booked a Europe trip for next May after I am done the winter semester. However once I get my degree I plan to do a lot more travelling and have a ton of continents and countries that I have yet to visit that I must see.

Growing up I played many sports, but now I am officially done playing competitively, instead I will take on a different role where I will begin to coach this upcoming fall as a hockey coach.

That pretty much sums me up in a nutshell, if you wish to follow my journey as a professional teacher, please do read my blogs.

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