Let Me Remind You Of An App

The app that I have chosen to review is called Remind. It has many uses for teachers in the classroom as teachers can use this app to remind students and parents of upcoming events in the classroom including, assignments, field trips, assignments, and assemblies. Essentially this app works by a teacher sending out a mass message to “remind” parents and students of important information. However you can also send direct messages to people inside the app privately. This is a great feature so then if there are any discrepancies it can be recognized right away. Some of the benefits of this app are that it allows you to translate to 70 different languages. With the increase of the english second language students, and parents it will make it much easier to communicate with students and parents who speak a different languages. Another great feature of the app is that it does not involve your phone number. This is great for teachers as it eliminates the opportunity of a student or a parent to abuse your phone number and avoids any parents or student predicaments that may arise from having your personal phone number.


The only disadvantages that I can see is that you are only able to use this app for free with one classroom, which may become expensive if you are in high school (however I still think it would be well worth the investment) and that the maximum limit in a message is 140 characters so all of your information has to be short and sweet.


I would rate this app 5/5 and I know that this a great addition that I will incorporate with my students, ensuring that we are on the same page. I would highly recommend every other teacher to add it to their repertoire.


7 thoughts on “Let Me Remind You Of An App

  1. Nice title.. haha! Thanks for the review, Jon. I agree that this is an awesome app, and I definitely plan to use this in my classroom. Interesting that it has many languages, I did not know that. Also, I think you are right when it comes to students and parents abusing personal numbers. The app can keep that balance between personal and school life which is important when maintaining professionalism!

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  2. Awesome! When I was in highschool my teachers used this app and it was fantastic. They would send reminds for homework near the end of the day so you didn’t forget to bring it home and use it to remind the class to bring a particular item to school if it was needed such as a signed permission slip! What a great way to help your students succeed, and very effective to0 because what highschool student isn’t glued to their phone 24/7!

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  3. I use this app every week in my classroom. It replaces newsletters, mass emails, etc. and gives parents the information quickly and conveniently. Great for last-minute reminders and homework info. I do, however, make sure that students are the first line of communication between school and home and that they are responsible for relaying info to parents through the agenda (that they have signed every night). My rule is that anything that is sent to parents should come from the student first. If the parent is just hearing about it through Remind, the student did not do his or her job.


    1. Exactly, such a great way to minimize paper and protect the environment. That is such a great idea to incorperate the parent with the students school work. I will defintely use that same strategy to ensure my students do not become lazy and rely on their parents hearing about information from just the app.


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