Let’s Talk Tech-nique

Well another week of training is in the books!

This week I decided I would pick up where I finished off last week and train on my back stroke. Throughout the week I read various articles about swimming, and it seemed like in every single article I was reading there was a common theme. What every article was talking about was the importance of technique. While reading I have uncovered some crazy statistics,  “US research shows that 98% of recreational swimmers do not make gains in aerobic fitness” (Murphy 2008). This is largely due to the fact people use bad swimming technique.  I am well aware that if I ever want to evolve my doggy paddle and turn it into something a little more recognizable to a normal swimmer I must first focus on technique.

As a result this week, while in the pool I put a huge emphasis on my technique and really ensuring that what I was doing was done in the proper manner. A video that I continually went back to compare myself to was one that was being taught by olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte. Although it would be unfair to try and measure myself up to an olympic gold medalist, I realize that if I do imitate his technique then I know I am doing things right. In addition to setting the bar high and trying to mock his technique I will improve as a swimmer and will be able to conquer swimming.


As much I would like to come on here and brag about how good my backstroke has become, I know that would be a lie. I still do not swim on my back very strong nor do I swim very fast. However with that being said I am not at all getting discouraged, and in fact I am very pleased with my improvements that have taken place in regards to my backstroke. I have gone from hardly being able to stay afloat on my back to now being able to swim on my back at ease. I know that over time I will become a stronger swimmer, and by focusing on technique, the speed will come. I can attribute much of this recent success to different videos and websites I have been viewing that have taught me valuable information on the technique of the backstroke.

Although this video of me swimming one length on my back doesn’t quite matchup with the videos I have been watching on Youtube, I still am remaining confident that if I keep working every day at it, I will begin to resemble a much more similar backstroke to my mentor, Ryan Lochte. For the time being I am just focusing on my technique, and looking forward to the week ahead to see what kind of aerobic gains I can find.


Stay Tuned!


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