The Chronicles of MERMAN

I would like to start off by saying how proud I am to be where I am at with swimming. This class has provided me the motivation to continue to push harder each and every day and look for outside sources for swimming advice. I have encountered some wonderful advice through different articlesand videos. In addition this class has help me maintain my focus. I can contribute much of my success to my classmates as well, as they have all been so brilliant and have come so far in their own areas. I feel as though all of their hard work has been contagious. I am a competitive person and I want to see similar results to what they have. It is clear I have not always the most disciplined person when it comes to swimming which is evident as I why I am 21 years old and still learning how to swim. I have attempted swimming multiple times but for varying reasons I never stick to it. However, this time around I have pushed through, had plenty of struggles, but have persevered and have found some success. I am way ahead of schedule and after placing so much energy on technique, I am confident that I have my technique down pat. As a result this week I decided it was time to ditch all of the supports and swim all on my own, utilizing both my arms, legs, and still focusing on breathing.  I continually rotated from working on my back, and front stroke. In this video below you can witness how far I have come as I swim one full length on my back and then one full length on front.


Even though I understand that there is still a far ways to go to be considered a good swimmer, I am very pleased with my progress. At the beginning of this spring semester I never would have been able to imagine where I am at. I never thought that it would be attainable for me to swim full lengths in a pool at ease, given there is still lots of room for improvement. I am satisfied with everything that I have learned online, in such a short time span. This class has demonstrated all that one can achieve through hard work, determination, and perseverance. It also taught me just how much one can learn through the internet. Prior to this class whenever I attempted to learn how to swim, I would go to my friends (who are not in a real position to teach one how to swim) or I would just try and teach myself. Which both strategies have failed for me in the past. Neither strategy has prevailed as you are not getting proper advice, and end up making more mistakes, not doing adequate technique, which in hindsight only sets you up for disaster. I learned the only way to learn would be either through a lifeguard, or through the internet. I chose the latter. One of the greatest benefits of the internet is that it is so affordable for anyone. Especially for a university student, who is on a budget.  The real test lies for me this weekend when I travel to my girlfriends cabin at Clear Lake, in Manitoba where I will find out if I will reach my goal that I set out at the beginning of the semester of being able to go in the lake.

Stay Tuned:


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