Last week in class we were introduced to coding. Prior to this class I had never even of heard of the word coding in this context. So I listened very intently to Katia so I would be able to learn. After class I still did not have all the answers I needed so I ended up googling it and finding out more information about coding. Upon my research I find it very useful, and it will become increasingly more important for future generations as the demand for technology, in particular jobs related to technology are on the rise.


We need to have our students prepared for the world once they leave our classroom, and I believe that if we do not teach our students how to code we are doing them a huge disservice. Let me tell you though, coding sounds a lot easier than it really it is. While messing around with coding I was becoming frustrated because I was struggling, and things were just not clicking for me. I then realized that it would be best I go to an outside source and view a tutorial. I even found the tutorial difficult. Luckily though the website gave you hints on where you were going wrong so you could correct yourself and learn from your mistakes. Such as this image reminding me to add a title.



Eventually, after all of the hints I was finally able to complete the tutorial.



I still would by no means consider myself an expert on coding but I am very happy that we brought this topic up. Now I am able to understand the importance of coding. As a result I know that I will need to dedicate some time to figuring all of it out so I will be able to teach all of my students coding to the fullest. There is definitely a need for coding in society, and I will make sure my students are not left behind.


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