ECMP 355 Contributions

At the beginning of the semester I was skeptical about how this online class would turn out for a number of reasons. I am a pretty quiet, shy person,  I was not too familiar with any of the students in the class, and in addition I am a rookie when it comes to using technology. All of these thoughts concerned me about how the class would go. I did not think that it would be possible to develop any kind of relationship through the internet. Boy was I wrong. Throughout the semester I have been able to connect with so many people. I feel as though I came into contact with everyone in the class, whether that be through Twitter, our blogs, or in our zoom classroom. They have all shared useful information that will be beneficial to my future classroom. Here are a couple examples of what some classmates have shared which I have taken particular close attention to, 


In addition to all of the links my classmates shared, they were always right there for me to step in and assist me with any problem I had. 

Enough about all of my wonderful classmates!

I too like to think that I also played a large role in helping out my classmates and providing them with some insightful thoughts. I commented on many blog posts, always trying to provide positive encouragement, as well as sometimes maybe playing devil’s advocate showing them another side of the story.

Here is some evidence,

I also believe that through Twitter I was able to connect with more people that I ever could have anticipated. I would try and make it my mission to everyday go on Twitter and share at least one article that I found beneficial, that I hope my classmates would also find useful. In doing so I was able to talk to talk to people from all over the place, such as my friend Lamar from California,


Sometimes my tweets were more individualized towards a specific person. Whenever I would see an article that I thought would be of direct help to a classmate, and their learning project I would always try to share it with them too. These are examples of me communicating with my classmates directly through twitter.

Whereas other times it was more relatable to a larger audience. Such as various education articles assisting teachers, or supporting teachers. As well I would share any other useful information I came accross that I thought would be helpful for my classmates.


Overall I would say my two biggest contributors were through twitter and the blog posts.

As always if any of ya’ll would like to keep in touch, you know where to find me, @mrjonwilmot




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