Summary of Learning

Throughout ECMP I have gained so much valuable knowledge about the online world. Prior to this class I was a complete noob and was uniformed in so many areas. Prior to this class I did not blog, nor did I use twitter, nor did I use any educational apps. Since taking this class I now blog, tweet and have downloaded many apps that will further enhance a student’s classroom experience, as well it will make my job as a future educator much easier and whole lot less stressful.  I also uncovered some bad online, I was completely oblivious to all of the internet trolls whose whole purpose of going online is to cyberbully others. As well as people who will take your photos with the intention of stealing your online identity.

I learned many dangers of online activity, such as imposters, the rapid use of sexting and trollers. One of my worst experiences was when I came across an internet troll who goes by the name Philip Rose on the internet, but as to what his real identity is, I have yet to find out. I am sure that these people remain anonymous for a reason. That reason being that they can run their mouth as they please with no real consequences. I imagine that Rose has a very sad life, so he insists on going online to try and belittle people online. In my experience with him, he picked on someone who has passed away.


This photo is him encouraging me to check out Amanda Todd’s blog as I may enjoy her posts, which is obviously an impossible task since we know that she is no longer with us.

It is sad to see how little compassion some people share online, which is one thing we need to make students aware of. I am pretty confident that if one were to ever meet up with the human form of Rose he would not relay the same message to a deceased person. So we have to show students that this kind of behaviour does happen online and that it is not acceptable. Teaching them to never be one of these horrible people that trolls online. However if someone does fall victim to a troll online, they do not need to engage in with this kind of behaviour because then you are allowing them to win by getting a reaction.

Another area of concern online is the way in which things never die on the internet. As future educators we need to teach students about the precautions of posting things online. Students need to be aware of what they post. Many people have lost their jobs due to what they post online. Here is one example of some firefighters who lost their job due to their sexist tweets.

Other people who post things online from high school have these things pulled out from their bosses and never even get hired because of a mistake they made when they were young. This is why it so vital that we do teach the importance of forming a positive digital identity. I know one activity that we did in class was googling yourself. From there we found out what are the top hits on google. By doing this exercise we were able to see what level of digital identity we have. Thankfully for myself, I did not stumble upon anything to horrible and was satisfied with my results.

I have refined my online skills in many aspects, such as how to upload a video on YouTube, how to connect with people online and learning about many different tools / apps that can be useful for anyone and more specifically for teachers. I can remember prior to this class I would become annoyed with all of the advertisements before any video I was about to watch. Since then I have used Adblock and no longer have to deal with this problem. I have even shared this information with friends through Facebook


and with people in person because I know that I am not alone when it comes to people who hate advertisements before their video. In addition Adblock has been a great selling feature for myself as I am also in the advertising business. I have outdoor signage, and before many people would go with radio ads, newspaper ads, and were using online ads as they thought that it was the most cost efficient way to advertise. However now less and less people are advertising in the newspaper, online, and radio because all of these things are becoming a thing of the past. With so many people reading the news online, you no longer are able to have as many people see an advertisement through a newspaper, with so many people using an auxiliary cord to listen to their own music people do not hear radio ads, and now with adblock less people are able to see your advertisement online. Thus making outdoor signage that much more desirable. Sticking with videos I have also learned how easy it is to upload videos online. Prior to this class I had only had to upload a video for one other class, and every time I was forced to upload a video, I had my friend come over and upload for me. Whereas in this class I have gone forward and learned myself by simply following the steps upon my google search. Once I googled it, it was a very easy, and there was step by step guide on how to upload. I also found a YouTube video with the steps, but I did not need to watch that because I already had figured out how to upload.

I also learned the many benefits of technology, and how you have the ability to connect with so many people, in particular through twitter. In my experience I have come into contact with many important people. Such as, Dr. Couros, other teachers,


as well as all of my classmates, I have been able to network with countless teachers throughout the province in addition to a teacher all the way out in California, Amanda Todd’s mom, and many others. Twitter is such a wonderful place, that before this class I was unaware of. I used to use twitter as more of an entertainment source, but through this class I have learned the educational side of things. I have been exposed to a plethora of useful information regarding education. I have participated in Sask Ed chat (which I had no clue was even a thing) where I was introduced to so many wonderful educators who have a passion for sharing information about education as well as finding out even more information regarding  education.  Another useful app that I would recommend to all teachers, is Remind.

It has now become apparent that we do need to teach about technology in the classroom, because it is something that all of our students will come into contact with on a daily basis, so not only do we need to educate our students on the potential dangers, but also show them all of the wonderful benefits that can make assist them in their day to day lives.

As well as useful it is to have your students using their technology, to fully become coherent as opposed to limiting them and not allowing them to utilize technology to its furthest potential. In addition I would project that technology will only become something we as humans rely more on in the future in regards to everything with everything going digital, such as banking, future jobs and even grocery stores. Here is a video of a new grocery store in Seattle where there is no need for a checkout. In conclusion, this class has been of great benefit, and I am glad that I didn’t let my fear of technology get in the way of learning. I know that I am way further ahead with technology then I ever have been before and I can thank this course, my fellow classmates for always sharing such useful information and our wonderful teacher Katita Hildebrandt for all of the information that she has presented to the class.

Thank you to everyone, if I do not see you in person, I look forward to further interacting with all of you guys and following your journey, online.

As always you know where to find me @mrjonwilmot.


One thought on “Summary of Learning

  1. Hey Jon! Your summary may not have been as “exciting” as some we watched in class, but you still demonstrated your learning and I love the depth of the post that you wrote to go along with your summary!


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