No Meat No Problem

This week was breeze in eliminating meat. I am now much more comfortable with the food I am cooking and have actually made some delicious creations. I never once felt the temptation to eat something containing meat, this can largely be contributed to all of the yummy meals I have discovered. This is because I have found some really tasty substitutes to use in place of meat. One of the most common substitutions I have made is by using more beans. I know it sounds bizarre, and a month ago I would not have even entertained the thought of using beans over meat. However I am very thankful that I found them. I now use beans nearly every day. They can be incorporated in so many different meals, such as a taco, a salad, with rice, chili or a combination of all of them! Which you will see later. Here is a photo of a crunch wrap I made,crunchwrap

And yes it tasted as delicious as it looked. Prior to this class I never would have thought twice about adding chicken, or more likely ground beef. However now I am much more conscious of what I am putting into my creations. Inside the crunch wrap I added avocado as my sauce, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions and lastly beans. The combination of all of those foods created a wonderful taste that I must say tastes even better than any other crunchwrap I have created using meat. Here are two photos of two different burrito salad I made.

In the first burrito salad I used lettuce, rice, tomatoes red peppers and underneath the lettuce which you cannot see is corn as well as beans replacing what I typically would have included meat in. Next I made a similar salad but I used yellow peppers, and onions in this salad instead. I also added salsa as my sauce to reduce calories. I am ahead of schedule for where I am at. As stated in my goal I would be eating meat twice a week for the first month and then reducing myself to meat once a week for the duration of the semester. With all of the delicious alternatives out there I do not see myself having meat twice a week any time again in the near future. I am looking forward to seeing all of the other yummy meals I will discover that do not contain meat.  


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