To Meat or Not to Meat

Last week for class I had to lead a discussion about my pledge. In order to lead my discussion in a meaningful way I decided I must learn more about meat consumption and some of the harm that meat can cause someone when they include meat in their diet. As a result I began doing some google searches and came up with the same data I have always found. Reading articles that say how meat is an essential part for someone to reach their bodies recommended dosage for protein. As well as seeing the articles that include that there are some side effects to one’s body as well as the tremendous toll it takes on the environment in order to feed the population meat. I knew I must go further so I turned to Netflix. On Netflix I found an excellent documentary called What the Health. This documentary was eye opening. It even made me question what I thought I knew to be healthy and had me questioning some people’s integrity. According to the film, “the World health organization Classifies processed meat as a group 1 carcinogen which is the same group as tobacco and plutonium. These studies are 50 years old. Yet on the American cancer society page it is encouraged to eat these foods, even after 800 studies have proven it to be unhealthy to eat” (What the health). When one reads or hears about processed meats they may think that they are exempt because they eat “healthy” meats. However in reality nearly every kind of meat is classified as processed meats. Another misconception that I had was that while I am eating chicken I am being healthier. However during the documentary I learnt that the leading source of sodium in the American diet for adults is chicken and chicken is also the number one dietary source of cholesterol in America.  As well as growing up I was always taught that carbs and sugar make you diabetic yet all the doctors in the documentary were say that sugar and fats have no correlation to diabetes whereas meat consumption has a direct correlation to debates. Which was most alarming is that even after all of this knowledge the American Diabetes Association still continues to feature and even encourage recipes that include processed meats.  Upon further research I am glad that I am cutting back on eating meat because I know that I will enjoy the long term results. Upon watching the documentary I am really considering modifying my pledge and completely eliminating meat from my diet. I will keep the class posted and will make my final decision by my next post.


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