Rethinking My Pledge

After watching What the Health I spent much of the week debating whether or not I should eliminate meat. After much thought I decided that this is the perfect opportunity for me to try something new. I am now readjusting my pledge to go completely meatless. I figured there is no better time to experiment with making healthy choices then in this class. By having to record my results on a weekly basis I know that I will be more disciplined then if I were just going on my own. After how successful my first couple weeks were by having meat twice a week I do not think it will be too challenging to go meatless. The only time that I can really foresee it being problematic is if I am in a situation where the only food being offered contains meat such as pizza with meat on it or wings. Some examples could be a Grey Cup or Super Bowl party. By knowing these challenges ahead of time will make this lifestyle change even more successful so that I can meal prep and eat before the party, or bring my own creations to the party. It could even be a good opportunity to educate some of my circle of friends on the the benefits of not having meat. This could become a good way for me to share my knowledge to my friends, and an important aspect of being an engaged citizen.


I would eventually like to go vegan. The two main reason being to reduce my carbon footprint as well as to just be an overall healthier person. As it stated in the documentary how much healthier it is for one to live on a plant based diet, as well as how much better it would be for the Earth if we didn’t have to farm so many animals to produce meat. I figured it would be a drastic change for me to go vegan, so at this time I will only go meatless. In the future however I think it will be a much smoother transition to going vegan as I have already begun eliminating meat which I almost never thought would be possible.



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