Be the change you wish to see in the world

I can understand why some people may become fearful when trying to eliminate meat, as I was one of those people. By switching to a diet that does not contain meat you are by no way limiting your nutritional value in a negative or depriving yourself from any protein, (as long as you proceed to eat other nutritional foods with protein) which is a huge misconception many people have.  There are many other delicious substations you can make that are more delicious than any meat product as well as much healthier. I know that two of the main reasons why I always hesitated to eliminate meat was that I thought I would miss the taste of meat and I would not be able to find something that would taste as good in my meals. After now experimenting with different creations I know that is not true. In fact now most of my meals that I eat now are way more tasteful that I was eating previously. Here is an example of an avocado and sweet potato hash browns.



It is quick, easy to make, yummy, and most importantly does not contain meat.

While discussing my new meatless diet with a friend he was trying to tell me that by eliminating meat it won’t make that much of a difference on the environment, it would only work if a lot of people were to join in. This caused me to do some further research. What I found was, “The study of British people’s diets was conducted by University of Oxford scientists and found that meat-rich diets – defined as more than 100g per day – resulted in 7.2kg of carbon dioxide emissions. In contrast, both vegetarian and fish-eating diets caused about 3.8kg of CO2 per day, while vegan diets produced only 2.9kg” (The Guardian). After reading this it reassured me to continue without meat. I know that although one person will not make a huge difference, but rather than being part of the problem I am now part of the solution. I also hope that based off of my voice in this class, and my voice through the online world with my blogs  that I will be able to plant the seed in people’s brain that we need to adjust how we are living. The Earth cannot sustain itself to produce that much meat for the entire world.


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