New and Improved

I would like to start of by saying a huge thank you for all of the wonderful feedback from my classmates. I will be sure to use all of your constructive criticism in a positive way and will begin to use all of the suggestions to improve my blog posts.

I found both classmates feedback to be very helpful and I believe that as a result my posts will be much stronger. In the feedback one person suggested that I begin to use more pictures to show what meals I am creating. To me this is great to know. From my perspective I didn’t want to throw too much photos on my posts and make it seem as though I am bragging about my culinary expertise. However now that I hear that suggestion I thought further, which made me realize that it’s not being boastful, rather it could be interpreted as displaying the plethora of options you have when cooking without using meat. Going forward I will now always throw up at least one photo of one the meals I made. The next suggestion I am really going to begin addressing more specifically is making connections to the curriculum. During my posts I sometimes forget that a blog has the ability to reach so many more people than just people in our classroom. So when I am making posts sometimes I just assume that people will be able to make the curriculum connections as they will have the same prior knowledge I have. However going forward I now know that it is essential I make my connections to the curriculum much more clear for the reader leaving no room for confusion.

Overall I thought this was a very positive way to improve our classroom blogs. It is nice to hear other people evaluating your work, not for marks but rather looking out for you for improvement. At the end of the day our classmates want to see us succeed so they are providing new ideas that will be helpful. This experience was very useful for me as I was able to see areas where I need to improve. As well our classmates were very reassuring and provided very thoughtful and nice compliments. They did point out the things that they appreciated about my blogs and all of the good stuff I am already including. With that information I now know what I will continue to do as well as some new additions I should begin to introduce.

I am very thankful for all of the feedback I received and will definitely use all of their comments to improve the blog experience for all of my readers.


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