Unpacking the Curriculum

Throughout this curriculum a reoccurring theme that is being mentioned is acknowledging and analyzing the diversity in the world but more specifically, Canada. Students will see the difference between groups of people and how their traditions / ways of living are vastly different. Seeing how where you are raised and who raised you will have a huge influence in the way you are brought up and how your thoughts are shaped. They will see why people wanted to immigrate to Canada and see the opportunities presented through our economy, society and government. They will also learn about how valuable Canada’s land is both past and present. In doing so the students will be able to see how the land has dictated where humans decided to settle as well as how humans have affected the land. I would say the story is more being told through the settlers perspective while including some Indigenous knowledge. The curriculum more or less displays the difference in views from the settlers and Indigenous peoples but fails to actually acknowledge all of the hardships that the Indigenous people had to endure from the settlers. For example in outcome RW 6.1, the teacher is to show the factors that contribute to quality of life, both material and nonmaterial items. The teacher is responsible for showing how different cultures value certain things greater than others, how natural resources can help produce wealth in a country or how some people may have access to better education due to their accessibility to technology. However it does not have any mention of how one’s quality of life can be greatly decreased based off of colonization. In Canada we need to uncover the past and show the students Canada’s imperfect history and the effect that it has left on the Indigenous population. By leaving out the Indigenous voice students will grow up unaware of the inequalities in Canada and will never be able to understand why the Indigenous people of Canada face way more adversity than the average Canadian. If we continue to acknowledge what has happened in Canada’s past and the unfair treatment of the Indigenous population we will only create further problems. The curriculum makes it possible for the students to see that Canada is a melting pot, and there are many different cultures that make up Canada. They will be able to see how different cultures value different things and each culture has their own unique traditions. They will see who is powerful in Canada and see traits that are exemplified in powerful people. They will see the different forms of powers, for example a teacher has authority in the classroom but outside the classroom the teacher may not hold the same amount of power. They will learn who were the original people to occupy the land of Canada and how the settlers came to Canada. With that being said the curriculum makes it impossible for the students to truly understand all of the hardships the Indigenous people were forced to go through. How they were mislead and are now forced to live in inadequate living spaces based off of how they were treated in the past.    


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