Longevity of being Meatless

This week while I was at work, I began reading up on one of the most accomplished athletes of all time, Tom Brady. One of the things I admire most about Tom Brady is how he has been able to perform at peak condition for so long. He just celebrated his 40th birthday this past February but yet he is still performing at the top of his game. In fact he is leading the whole NFL in passing yards through week 11 of the season. This is nearly unheard of for any athlete of any sport to be able to still dominate their sport this late into their career. This made me wonder what is his secret. How has he been able to defy age. Low and behold one of Brady’s biggest piece of advice is diet. Brady is not completely vegan but he does however limit his meat consumption, “While he does serve up steak, duck, chicken and wild salmon, Campbell told Boston.com that 80 percent of his recipes consist of vegetables and whole grains — and little else”. If you would like a good breakdown of Tom’s diet Forbes lays it out nicely. Although Tom does not have any mention that he does it for the environment I wonder if that plays a role in his decision making as well. I think this would be a tremendous way to show students the health aspect of why they may want to make the conversion to a plant based diet. Many students would look up to a celebrity such as Tom Brady, seeing how a plant based diet has worked so well for him may be the deciding factor of whether or not someone would want to eliminate meat.I would relate it to the  Health USC 6.1, Analyze the factors that influence the development of personal standards and identity, and determine the impact on healthy decision making (including cultural norms, societal norms, family values, peer pressures, mass media, traditional knowledge, white privilege, legacy of colonization, and heterosexual privilege). Allowing the students to look at how some of their role models eat and how it is made them better.

Staying on the topic of longevity this week I would like to point out the longevity of your foods life when going to a more plant based diet. It makes it much easier to meal prep for people as busy as university students. While meal prepping with meat or dairy I always would worry about how long it would stay fresh before going bad. In addition with meat or dairy you would always have to ensure that there was a refrigerator so the meat nor dairy wouldn’t go bad. Whereas with many of the meals I have made I know they will stay fresh for a while. For instance here is what I ate Thursday, Friday and Saturday while I was at work.


It is quinoa with an assortment of veggies. It did not take that long to make and it was able to last my three whole days without me worrying about it going bad. I do realize that you still need to continue to make meals to keep them fresh but I was very pleased that my cooking from Wednesday evening was able to last me all the way until Saturday.




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