I Believe..

I believe…

All humans deserve an education.

Students should feel safe at school and not threatened or intimidated by anyone.

All students deserve love, even if they are hard to love.

Success is never certain and failure is never final, which means even if a student is struggling it is your duty to motivate them and not discourage them.

Teachers have to be respected, but to get respect they must respect all students.

Teachers must be innovative because all students learn differently.

I believe if you have a numb bum you have a numb brain.

I believe whatever affects one directly affects everyone indirectly; teachers cannot let stuff that is happening at home interfere with how they teach in the classroom.

 I think that a teacher should not only be concerned about how a student does in the classroom but how they conduct themselves outside of the classroom. If a student is getting all 90’s in the classroom but is getting into trouble with the law I would not feel as though I was fulfilling my duty.

I believe that students have to want to learn but a teacher must always teach with the same effort to every student.  For example some students may need extra motivation to achieve the same results as other students. If you give up on that student then that student may never reach there full potential which could result in long term disadvantages.

I believe that students learn best when faced with different obstacles.  For example if you always lecture students, they will become disengaged, get bored and not learn what they need to know.  So a teacher must constantly come up with creative ideas of teaching, whether that is group work, field trips using technology etc.

I believe that any knowledge is good knowledge.  Even if a student fails a particular test that does not make them less smart than another kid it just means that they know less in that area.  Maybe your teachings never got through to them or maybe the other student already had some background knowledge on the subject.

I believe school should be fun.


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