Field Experiences

The lesson that I was given to teach was puberty. Whenever I would tell anybody the unit I was teaching, nearly everyone had the same response. They all thought that I was given the worst, and toughest unit to teach. However I did not feel that way. I was excited to get into the classroom and teach all of the students about puberty. Perhaps I was just so excited to get into the field that I didn’t even think of the difficulty of my unit. My thought process when given the lesson was that this is a vital subject to teach. Since everyone goes through puberty they all need to be made aware of what their body will be going through both physically and emotionally. As a result I worked diligently on all of my lessons to keep them exciting to have high student engagement. I incorporated many different forms of instruction to fit every students needs. I was also aware of the sensitivity of puberty. As a result the first day of class, together we formed a list of classroom beliefs. Before every class I would go over the classroom beliefs to remind the students of the classroom expectations and beliefs. I felt this was a good way for the students to remember how they want to be treated and how to treat others. Another tool I used due to the sensitivity of the unit was a question box. I know that many of the questions that were contributed to the question box students would not have felt comfortable asking in front of their peers. I also believe very strongly that if you do not build strong relationships, and do not have student trust, the puberty lessons would have went way different. After being able to develop so many wonderful relationships with each student all of the lessons went very smoothly.

I had a wonderful experience during my three week block. I was nervous prior to my placement. I was unsure of how the students would react to having pre interns in the classroom. I was worried that they may try and take advantage of our inexperience. However to my surprise the students were wonderful. The class was so warm and welcoming from the moment we arrived. I also was not expecting to develop such great relationships during such a short time span. I thought that the students would quickly forget about us, however I feel as though not only did I make an impact on the class, but they made a lasting impact on me. As a result I will never forget about my first class. A moment that I will never forget about is the emotion that was shared on our last day of class. At the end of the day when it was time for us to say our goodbyes about half of the class started crying and was begging for my partner and I to stay. I would be lying if I said that I didn’t have a wave of emotion go through my body, even resulting in some tears filling up in my eyes. This is definitely a feeling I was not anticipating at the beginning of the three weeks. If it were not for the such strong relationships that were built I know that the students nor I would have shared that emotion together on our last day.


After being in the classroom, I have gained the knowledge that each student learns in different ways so as a result teachers have to adapt how they teach so every student can achieve success.  For example some kids are visual learners, which means they learn best through watching videos or seeing diagrams. In contrast some students are physical learners, they learn best through doing things hands on, while working on math it would be most effective if they were to work with number blocks.  In some cases some students are social learners where they enjoy working with groups of students rather than working solo. As a result I will have to ensure that all of my lessons have a good variety to ensure success for all students. In addition to various ways of learning I have gained valuable knowledge in how to adapt lessons to fit the varying levels of students inside your classroom. For example in my grade 5/6 class I had three students who were illiterate, many students who were reading at grade level, and then a student who was reading at a grade eleven level. In university I was made aware of how to adapt lessons for enrichment as well as to modify lessons, but it is totally different once you are putting your skill set into place with your class. After my three weeks and having to essentially have three different lessons for the three different skill levels I feel confident that I will be able to conquer any class I am put into regardless of what their levels are.


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