Miskâsowin #1

I identify in numerous ways. Some of which include being a heterosexual male, a son, uncle, brother, boyfriend. In addition I am an entrepreneur, a banker, a student, a teacher and lifelong learner. I believe that as we age how we identify ourselves will change as we begin to uncover more about ourselves, while at the same time many will remain the same. I have many ancestors some whom I know others who I do not know. On my father’s side of the family they originated from England before immigrating to Saskatchewan in the 1850’s. in the 1950’s my grandfather moved to Kamloops B.C. where he was a railroader. That is where he raised my father. Finally it all came full circle again when the railroad brought my own father back to Saskatchewan in the late 1980’s. On my mom’s side it is a bit more complicated. My mom was adopted into a First Nation’s family. So I do not know my blood ancestors on my mom’s side like I do on my father’s side. My mom’s parents and grandparents grew up on a reserve in Manitoba and that is about all I know about my parents adopted parents. As for my mom’s biological parents I do not know what their heritage is, however I do know that my mom was born with blue eyes and blonde hair. As a result I have always identified myself as a white male because I look white and have benefited from white privilege since everyone assumes that I am white. I do feel very fortunate that I have been able to experience both world views. I have seen the Eurocentric perspective from my dad’s side of the family, as well on my mom’s I have seen both the positive and negative affects that colonialism have had on the First Nation’s people of Canada. Since I grew up in Regina my entire life which is on treaty 4 territory I identify myself as a treaty 4 person.


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