In order for myself to grow as a person I had to first begin looking at areas I need some improvement in. After much time and thought I decided on a goal I would like to work on in order to find out more about myself. Beginning this semester and continuing on for far longer then this semester I would like to improve my sleeping pattern. So often I will wake up in the morning already craving the next time I will meet back with my bed, whether that be for a nap or again later that evening. Some days you become far too busy that you begin to forget about sleep until you become so exhausted you pass out as soon as you hit the bed. Other times I have absolutely nothing going on but yet I will find myself scrolling through Twitter or Instagram and staying up later then I would like. Lastly far too often in order to compensate for my late night the previous night I will have a quick nap to get some “catch up” sleep. However from experience this seems to never work because it seems to always just begin another bad pattern of sleeping, as you have trouble falling asleep that night which will leave you staying up later then you should and then you begin this same process all over again. In order to achieve my goal of sleep I would like to log off all social media accounts and be in bed by 10:30 PM, then I would like to read for a half hour and allow myself about five minutes just to reflect on the day and plan for the next day. In doing so I will be able to learn more abut myself and other areas. I really do believe that reading will help to enhance my learning. By reading a book will have much greater benefits then reading the majority of pointless tweets I often times stay up too late reading. In addition allowing something as little as five minutes a day to give yourself and only yourself has proven to show numerous benefits. This means no distractions, no television, nothing. Just you and your thoughts.



While thinking back to the blanket exercise one thing that stands out to me is how the Indigenous people of Canada were treated. The blanket exercise I always find to resonate with myself way more then any reading I have done because of the authenticity of the exercise. You can do all sorts of readings but when you are viewing the blanket exercise it seems to hit closer to home since you get a visual of what was being taken away from them. From there your imagination can begin to run wild of some of the struggles that were encountered. First and foremost it was such an awful experience and I do not even want to begin thinking of all of the pain that had to be endured. It also made me realize how fortunate I am. When I go to bed I do not have to worry about all of the things I take for granted on a daily basis such as my property being taken away from me, my culture being removed, my language not being accepted or having my family’s safety in worry. I am able to go to bed in a much easier manner, as I do not have to fear about my future. Going forward if I am getting adequate sleep then in theory I should be much more focused which will leave myself more engaged allowing myself to learn more in this class. As a result my tâpwêwin experience will be enhanced. I will be able to learn about the truths of the past and learn with greater accuracy of the treaties.


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