The biggest mistake one can make is by not making any

One of the main takeaways I took away from the treaty event was how intrigued people were about this topic. People are curious about treaties and are wanting to learn more. It is out there in society and people are aware of colonization they are just in need of some guidance on how to properly address some of the situations as well as learn more about the topic to become less ignorant. One of my biggest fears about teaching in-depth about Indigenous history in Canada was the backlash from some parents. Of course I have heard some horror stories in some of my classes about the treatment they were given in their community after teaching Indigenous history, all of which is in the curriculum! After the treaty event I was reassured that although some people may disagree with some viewpoints, people are willing, and interested in talking about such changes. Using this information I think as a future teacher we can begin to implement all of this into our own classroom as we see fit. There are numerous ways to incorporate treaty ed into your class. One of the ways I will incorporate treaty ed is through literature, as storytelling has played a major role in the Indigenous culture throughout history. I do not think it will be a problem to talk about in your house. I know that it is already a topic in which I discuss with my family and girlfriend extensively. Once I have kids it is an idea that I would like to introduce from a young age so that it will not be “new knowledge” rather it will just be a learning point for them, and will further their understanding on the subject. As for being out in the community one of the best practices I believe someone could do is to show their support by being out in the community offering their help. For example right now with the camps being set up outside of the legislative building, it could be a good opportunity to join, and discuss with some of the people there. Listening to their story and expanding your knowledge, and perhaps furthering someone else’s knowledge by providing your own insight on the topic. Whatever one chooses to do, I think would be a step in the right direction, the biggest mistake I believe one could make is by not making any.

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